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Logos can be the start of a consistent message that slowly builds trust and association with your brand.

Creating a logo signifies that time, money and effort is a worthwhile investment.

Furthermore, logos are a tangible way of
confidently showing ownership and purpose. They also represent the brand promise to consumers.

Great logo identities will stand out from competitors, become recognisable to all and deliver on message visually without a doubt or hesitation.

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Our Work

Topic Tutor

Self Study Platform

Helping others to self-study successfully

Sales Buddy

Sales Support

Providing super sales support

B2B Partner

Business To Business

Connecting business


Waste Management

Finding environmental solutions to waste management

Booker Bookkeeper


Providing bookkeeping services online

Noble & Jones

House Letting, Sales & Management Agent

All ways finding your home

Client Journeys

Meet Laurence Dann, strategy consultant of LD Strategy

An experienced strategy professional looking to change the way we work by the way we think and what we do. Laurence has also set up a personal website so that he has a place to share his thoughts as well as for others to get to know him and connect with him.

In the past Laurence started a project, 1-Life Strategy, a workshop to help people with their life strategy. He teamed up to create this with his business connection and friend, Garry to deliver this one-day workshop.

LD Strategy

Strategy Consultant

Tough-questions consultant

Hello! My Name Is Laurence

Personal Brand

Laurence Dann

1-Life Strategy

Strategy Coaching Partnership

Together, let's make it count

Meet Ros Carole, music facilitator of Harmonie Tree

A musician who started with a dream to find her place in the working world and create a community that reflects her values.

Also, she was keen to find like minded people to practise music with in her spare time so Ros started a band. Jazz Avenue became a diverse collective of musicians with a passion for Jazz and making it accessible to people of all ages.

As there was a type of connection still missing for Ros, she felt what she really needed was a community who shared a passion for harmony in work and at home so she set up Harmonie Hub.

Harmonie Tree

Music Facilitator

Enriching through music

Harmonie Hub

Musical Community

Sharing sounds, space & stories

Jazz Avenue

Jazz Band

5-piece jazz band

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