Presenting Your Messages

Hello, we’re Gro2 Marketing.

Why marketing? We see marketing as an action and is a key component to any business. Without demand, there is no reason to supply a product or service. Generating demand is one of the biggest commercial challenges. In a competitive industry, keeping an audience’s interest can be equally as challenging.

Marketing can often be associated with the idea of non-stop, high energy sales promotion but there are other forms of marketing too, Of which, presentations is an important one to get your ideas and messages across clearly, with a quick recall.

Our mission is to ‘create to communicate’ by delivering true and tangible artwork that showcases your brand and your messages.

Our Process

Discuss Presentations


Identify your message

Together, we will define and refine your core concept.

Design Presentations


Craft the artwork and script

Either you or we write the script. On completion, we can begin designing your presentation.

Deliver Presentations


Rehearse and present your idea

Once you are happy with your presentation, it's time to present, publish and promote it.

Who to Talk to?

Meet Jess...

Better known as our go-to (to grow too) person, Jessica is both a designer and a client contact for Gro2 Marketing.

She loves making clients smile and has been working in the industry for over a decade.

In that time she decided to work with children part-time for a while and has helped elderly people in the past - all in her effort to better understand the needs and perspective of a person at any age.

Jess has a keen interest in creating and maintaining brand relationships.

Fun fact, she is very camera-shy so it took some convincing to let us use this photo (thanks again, Jess!)

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